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Players When, why, what, how Players When, why, what, how
Armbruster v Hall French Attack!
Boyers v Walton A nice annotated French Defence

Smith v Huntley 

Kings Gambit, Declined
Fenton All of our 3 winning games have been expertly annotated by Norman Stephenson.Winner of the Fischer best game trophy 2008 C.Smith v J.Gentle

I intend (eventually) to get a favourite game of each of our players up here. This is mine, its totally unsound play from both sides, but we're both aggressive players, and like to 'go for it'

Carter Runner up for the Fischer Trophy Lucky Bastard v Grandpatzer Smith

At the Durham congress. I was on 3/3 going into the game, after 4 hours play, I thought it was going to be 4/4, how wrong I was!

Walton and the Bronze medal for the Fischer Trophy J.Simpson v S.Polgar

Have you ever beaten one of the famous Polgar Sisters? The Grinder has!

C.McGarty v K.Boxall Alekhine gets an outing in this comedy of errors! C.Walton v G.Frost

Two cracking correspondence games for your viewing pleasure.

J.Reddington v I.Hurn Caro Kann and so can John! Simpson v Duggan A couple of nice finishes from the Peterlee v Rooks game in March 07.
D.Castle v R.Brown A nice finish from 'Raymundo' S.Carter v  W.Metcalfe A Hollywood finish from the 'big guy' against Darlo
Hall v Hunter A 10 move miniature from Mr Hunter. J.Reddington v G.Matthews Checkmate on a3, with a Knight!! Amazing little game.
Game 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Four games from Mr Walton played in Spain. D.Armbruster v B.Robinson Missed chances from both sides, but 'Bruster' triumphs!
Carter v Ditchburn A game from the Tony Kiddle Memorial congress. M.Fenton v K.Owen A positional grind, and Bishop sac too!
Boyers v Carter Another game from the Tony Kiddle Memorial congress. M.Hardy v R.Brown Browny, gets out of jail with a cracking checkmate.