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Articles and Stuff


Articles and Stuff


Miscalculation Getting stuff wrong? Its easy.

Chess Perceptions

How does the outside world view chess? A 'hotly' contested Match The heat was on in cold Consett

A Talk with the 'Hawk'

Local superstar (now the British Champion!) Jonathan 'the hawk' Hawkins tells us the secrets of his success. Chess on the Rocks A superb pictorial report from our boys in Gibraltar
 Close season blues. The season has finished, what do we do now? Arctic Chess Perfect conditions, for Penguins!
Attracting New Players? Are there any ways to combat net-chess and get the computer playing masses into the chess club? Venues from Hell We've played in some 'interesting' places.

Are we being served?

Chessploitation, ripped off or not? The Swindle The game that got away.
Beating Good Players (My System) Ever beaten a player 40> ECF or 400 Elo points above you? We show you how. Winning, by any Means Tricks of the trade.

Distance Opposition

An interesting example of the mystical opposition. Long Legged Knight A horse, a horse, my kingdom...
Madness of the Masters part 1 You don't have to be mad, to play this game, but it helps. Road Trip Snow, ice and chess.
Hyper Cerebral Electrosis Its a dangerous game you know? Restless Leg Syndrome Shake, rattle and roll.
A Patzer by the Sea A trip to remember. Chess Prodigies Kids, don't you just 'love' them?
Drink like a Grandmaster The power of beer. Chess Widows A sad loss to chess.
The Art of Resignation Its easy when you know how. New rules of chess Some 'excellent' ideas here.
Internet Chess The internet is a wonderful place. Chess players are dumb! We are not as clever as we think.
Chess on Film Have they ever played a game? The Pungent Pair Hygiene impaired... who us?
Chess Addiction My name is Garry and I'm an addict. How to draw with White The Wing Gambit, a bore draw?
Novelty Chess Sets They're great man! Super Boring GM's are sending me to sleep.

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