The worst move ever?

Lucky Bastard! - Grandpatzer Smith

Whites last try is 47.b5, Now at the time my thoughts were focused on my bladder, I had 20 minutes on the clock, but the toilets were a good 10 minutes away, I knew I was winning and just had to 'hold on' I partly attribute this to my blunder! 1.b5 The simple 47...a6 or any King move wins, but for some inexplicable reason I played 1...cxb5?? As soon as I'd played it I realized to my horror that 2.a6! is a forced win for white. 2...bxa6 3.Kxd5 Kg4 4.c6 Kxh4 5.c7 Kxg5 6.c8Q Although I've 5 pawns they are too far away from promoting to be of any use. 1-0

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